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Bicycle touring

Our territories are also ideal to discover by bike, in a relaxed and easy way. Get on your bike and enjoy a special experience.

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Birdwatching and diving in Ventotene and Santo Stefano

If you want an immersive experience in contact with wildlife and the underwater world, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful islands of Ventotene and Santo Stefano.

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Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata, located in the beautiful Giovanni XXIII square of Priverno, is the jewel of this town.

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Church of Santa Maria del Ponte

The Church of Santa Maria del Ponte is located on the road that from Prossedi leads to Pisterzo.

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Church of St. Maria di Piombinara

The church of Santa Maria di Piombinara is located in Colleferro at kilometre 48 of via Casilina.

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Circeo National Park

The Circeo National Park is a gem of nature located on the Tyrrhenian coast that offers a unique combination of breathtaking landscapes, flora as well as wildlife and a rich history..

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Civic Museum of Telecommunications

The Civic Museum of Telecommunications of Colleferro is a must-see if you love technology and history and are looking for an educational experience for your children.

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Emilio Greco Museum

If you visit Sabaudia pay a visit to the Emilio Greco Museum dedicated to the artist from Catania who greatly loved this town.

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Latium coastline

Crystal-clear waters, marvellous beaches and coves, mysterious caves, seabeds to explore, protected oases, quaint villages, and nature trails amid myth and history.

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New Towns of the Pontine Marshes and the Ager Romanus

The new towns were created thanks to the integrated land reclamation, a great urban planning project of the early 20th century that improved some territories by redeveloping marshes and constructing canals, roads and buildings.

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Panoramic roads

Panoramic roads take you to wonderful places. They offer you a unique driving experience and the chance to admire breathtaking landscapes that leave you speechless.

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Sergio Leone's Tomb

The small Cemetery of Pratica di Mare houses the tomb of the famous director Sergio Leone. Here, in the heart of Pomezia, lies the final resting place of a man who left an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

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