Church of Santa Maria del Ponte

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Church of Santa Maria del Ponte

The Church of Santa Maria del Ponte is located on the road that from Prossedi leads to Pisterzo.

With construction beginning in 1851, it was initially located on the east-west axis, and the main gate was positioned near a small stone bridge across the Amaseno River. The bridge was very narrow and so in the Twentieth Century it was rebuilt about ten meters far from the previous one. It was damaged during the war, so afterwards it was rebuilt from scratch, changing the direction as well: it was placed on the north-south with the main facade facing the new street.

The church is small, with a rectangular layout. The facade has the appearance of a simple cabin with an entrance door and a circular window. Inside there is only one painting depicting the Virgin Mary.

The church is opened only twice a year during trade fairs: the first Sunday in September and the third Sunday in October.

The beauty of this church lies in its humility and serene atmosphere.