Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata

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Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata, located in the beautiful Giovanni XXIII square of Priverno, is the jewel of this town.

It immediately catches your attention with its wide staircase and three-arched portico. The central arcade is semi-circular, while the side ones are made with pointed arches.

Consecrated in the 13th century, it underwent changes in the upper part of the facade and in the interior in the 18th century.

It has a rectangular floor plan with three naves and ten side chapels in which splendid works of art are preserved: among these the Baptism of Christ, from the 16th century, protected by an elegant wrought-iron gate, the choir by Fortunato Baccari, the beautiful wooden crucifix, by Giuseppe Baccari, the 15th-century Panel of the Madonna of Mezzagosto (The Virgin Mary of Mid-August).

Discover the beauty and spirituality of this extraordinary architectural jewel in the heart of Priverno.