Legends, stories and mysteries

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The "babbalucchi" of Maenza

The tradition of the babbalucchi, which lasted until 1949, was a dramatic and touching experience for the people of Maenza.

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The "ciocco" in Maenza

The beauty of love traditions lies in the way they celebrate love and the bond between two people.

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The 3C area in Colleferro

The 3C area of Colleferro, located near the cemetery, attracts the curiosity of young people with stories of UFOs and satanic sects.

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The Hand of the Devil at San Felice Circeo

Strange tales and legends are woven into the wild places, rocky spurs and thickets of the Lepini Mountains and the Pontine Area.

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The Sorceress Circe and the Circeo Promontory

The Circeo Promontory is a place of great natural and spiritual beauty. The wild beaches, forests and caves provide an unspoilt and enchanted landscape and create an aura of mystery and mysticism.

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