Birdwatching and diving in Ventotene and Santo Stefano

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Birdwatching and diving in Ventotene and Santo Stefano

If you want an immersive experience in contact with wildlife and the underwater world, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful islands of Ventotene and Santo Stefano.

If you love birdwatching, the island of Ventotene is your paradise. In spring and autumn, a multitude of birds, both large and small, migrating from Africa across the Mediterranean to Northern Europe and vice versa, give you a wonderful sight. Here you can observe the spectacular flights of herring gulls, peregrine falcons and kestrels and the adorable steps of small birds such as goldfinches and sparrows.

If you prefer diving, Santo Stefano is the perfect place for you. This small island is surrounded by crystal-clear sea. The seabed is rich in caves, crevices and marine life. Not only fish of all kinds and sizes but also octopuses, moray eels and colourful sponges. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, here you will find itineraries suitable for all levels, with the possibility to hire equipment and take diving courses.

In short, if you love nature and are looking for an authentic experience, Ventotene and Santo Stefano are the perfect destinations for you. Don't miss the opportunity to experience a unique adventure that you will cherish in your heart forever.