Panoramic roads

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Panoramic roads

Panoramic roads take you to wonderful places. They offer you a unique driving experience and the chance to admire breathtaking landscapes that leave you speechless.

Here are some you absolutely must explore.

The road from the historic centre of San Felice Circeo to Puntarossa. As you drive along it, you immerse yourself in a journey of natural beauty. The road is winding but the view of the crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the cliffs overlooking the sea more than makes up for it. Arriving at Puntarossa, you can admire the lighthouse of Capo Circeo which has illuminated the route of sailors since 1866.

The SR609 Carpinetana Road runs from Colleferro to Maenza and Priverno. You cross a series of hills and valleys, with spectacular views of vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields. The last stretch from Carpineto to Maenza and Priverno takes you straight into the heart of the Lepini Mountains with a twisty, mountainous and very evocative ride. If you can, go along it by motorbike and you will be enchanted. The road is very quiet and has little traffic so you can enjoy the surrounding landscape to the full.

The Lungomare Road from Latina to Sabaudia with the dune separating the coastal lakes from the sea is another road that offers an incredible view. You will have the feeling of living between two water worlds. The view of the calm waters of the lakes, reflecting the blue sky and the green of the surrounding vegetation, is particularly impressive. So is the view of the sky that turns shades of pink and orange when the sun dips into the sea at sunset. A truly romantic scenery, made even more majestic by the flight of the migratory birds that nest in the area. But that's not all. Moving on, the profile of the Circeo promontory announces itself in all its splendour, which on days with morning mist looks like an island, recalling the island of Aeaea where the Sorceress Circe lived.