Bicycle touring

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Bicycle touring

Our territories are also ideal to discover by bike, in a relaxed and easy way. Get on your bike and enjoy a special experience. The stops are really rewarding: from the beauty of the landscapes to the sounds, aromas and colours that change with the seasons. Have you ever noticed that when you are on your bike and you look around, the details of the landscapes seem sharper and everything seems to take on a completely new feel?

There are many routes to enjoy in our area, from the simplest to the most technical.

Here are three places to visit on two wheels effortlessly, even if you are not physically fit.

         Tour of Lake Fogliano

An easy route, suitable for beginners and families. From the coastal road, turn right and immediately afterwards left after the small bridge, keep going until you reach the entrance to Lake Fogliano. Ride along the entire lakefront and admire its beauty. Lake Fogliano is a truly magical place. Follow the path to the Rio Martino canal and then turn right onto the cycle path to the mouth of Rio Martino. Continue along the Latina promenade until you reach Capoportiere, where you will find the cycle path to the town of Latina. And that's it, the tour of the lake is over. Such a shame, it makes you feel like starting all over again.

         Coastal dune route

Medium - easy route. Set off from San Felice Circeo, from Piazzale di Torre Paola, and ride along the seafront in the direction of Latina. As you pedal along, a marvellous view opens up before you: to the right, one behind the other, Lakes Paola, Caprolace, dei Monaci and, finally, Fogliano; to the left, the coast. You are between the lakes and the sea, with the feeling of living between two water worlds. Wear a hat, if you don't want the wind to ruffle your hair. But are you willing to sacrifice the feeling of the breeze through your hair? It feels like freedom. Try it out for yourself. Ah, of course only when you get off your bike. Please remember that a helmet must be worn when riding.

         Circeo promontory trail

A slightly challenging trail. Take it easy and stop every now and then. Set off from Torre Paola, take the dirt road that climbs to the base of the promontory. After riding 300 metres, turn left and enter the thick vegetation of Quarto Freddo, until you reach the summit of the promontory. A breathtaking view of the sea, mountains and plain awaits you. What are you waiting for?