Church of St. Maria di Piombinara

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Church of St. Maria di Piombinara

The church of Santa Maria di Piombinara is located in Colleferro at kilometre 48 of via Casilina.

The earliest records of the church date back to the 12th century. According to a papal bull of 1182, the church belonged to the Castello di Piombinara.

After the war, it was torn down to widen the via Casilina roadway. What remains is the bell tower, with a square layout, made with irregular blocks of tufa and surmounted by a gable roof. The church originally had only one nave and there were frescoes inside.

Some archaeological excavations have uncovered rooms that were part of a building behind the church and 14th-century frescoes, including one of the nursing Madonna.

A place that allows you to experience spirituality in a sober and uncluttered setting.