New Towns of the Pontine Marshes and the Ager Romanus

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The new towns were created thanks to the integrated land reclamation, a great urban planning project of the early 20th century that improved some territories by redeveloping marshes and constructing canals, roads and buildings.

In fact, our eight towns - Aprilia, Colleferro, Guidonia, Latina, Pomezia, Pontinia, Sabaudia and Ventotene - were built where the swamps of the pontine marshes and ager romanus were located and subsequently drained.

Signs of rebirth are visible everywhere in the pontine marshes and the ager romanus, such as the drainage canals, the eucalyptus plants, the typical low walls built over the canals, the drains and the water pumps.

Do you know what distinguishes these new towns? The geometric urban layout of a garden town with all amenities, featuring a large square with imposing towers in the centre and the main public buildings with square architecture around it.

If you would like to discover all the details, then you must experience them on foot. Walking through these places you can also retrace the settings that served as the backdrop for some of the great films of italian cinema. So, are you ready? Then let the show begin.