The cat and the truck in Piazza del Popolo in Latina

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The city of Latina also has its own legend.

It is said that in Latina on 17 December 1932, the day before the inauguration of the city, it was pouring with rain.

The piazza was not yet finished. It was still a swamp of mud and had to be paved and equipped with a fountain by the next day. Only a miracle could have helped the workers complete the work in record time.

A series of large trucks were used to help the workers: the same ones used to break the earth and plough the fields of the farms. Unfortunately, the first of these, reversing, became bogged down in the mud and began to sink as if in quicksand. At first, an attempt was made to save the vehicle, then, in order not to waste time, it was swallowed up by the chasm below.
Fortunately, the driver managed to save himself, but not his beloved kitten, which he always carried with him. It disappeared in the mud together with the truck and its load.
The square was ready for the next day.

Even today, it is said that on rainy days, as you pass by the fountain, if you listen carefully, you can hear the desperate mewing of the cat that sacrificed itself in order to finish the paving and the fountain in time.