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Aprilia, one and many

The charming town of Aprilia is a place where you can see the signs of time passing by.

Situated at the end of the Ager Romanus, it is one of the eight New Towns created by the great Integrated Land Reclamation project of the early 20th century. At the inauguration on 29 October 1937, 18 months after the laying of the foundation stone, Aprilia presented itself to the world with the typical geometric urban layout of the "new towns": Piazza Roma, with the Municipal Tower and Bell Tower soaring in the centre, and the most important buildings gathered around it. However, there is a new feature. The architects Petrucci and Tufaroli and engineers Paolini and Silenzi, who carried out the project, decided to use the vertical elements typical of medieval Italian civilisation in a modern, urban and architectural style.

Unfortunately, in 1944, during the Second World War, the urban centre was reduced to a heap of rubble by air raids following the landing of the Allies at Anzio. Not all was lost, however: in the Calissoni - Bulgari Estate showroom there are several works from the 1930s by Futurist “aero-painter” artists with views of the New Towns from above.

Aprilia is one and many.

Aprilia is a place of history, culture and remembrance that you absolutely must see.

It pays tribute to the many who died in the war with the Monument to the Fallen of the Allied Landings, located in the place where the second lieutenant of the Royal British Riflemen, Eric Fletcher Waters, father of Roger Waters, the legendary leader of Pink Floyd, lost his life on 18 February 1944 at the age of just 31. It also commemorates Menotti Garibaldi, the eldest son of the hero of two worlds, who was buried in the family's Garibaldi Tomb in 1903. The mausoleum, erected near a magical bamboo grove, is immersed in an enchanting and lush natural environment that preserves the typical characteristics of the Roman-Pontine countryside. The ideal place to preserve the remains of a great agricultural entrepreneur.

Aprilia is both historical stratification and nature to be protected that you must see with your own eyes.
The Garibaldi Estate and the Calissoni – Bulgari Estate are natural spaces that preserve traces from ancient to more recent history. The Calissoni – Bulgari Estate is also a protected area of 60 hectares and over 10,000 trees, the Oasi del Buonriposo, perfect for animals and their healthy growth.

Aprilia is a lively industrial town that will surprise you.

From the post-war period onwards, in fact, important industrial establishments flourished, such as Simmenthal and the Acqua Claudia, a  bottling factory, today the Polo CulturAprilia.

Aprilia boasts excellent local products that play an important role in food and wine and tell us about our traditions and roots.

Each product is the result of a unique combination of human and environmental factors characteristic of our territory: buffalo mozzarella, buffalo ricotta and extra virgin olive oil from the Colline (Hills), all PDO products that are a sign of excellence and the care dedicated to their production. Then there is the Caciotta Romana, the Fior di latte dell'Agro Pontino, the white and red DOC Aprilia wines, the PGI Latina kiwi and the Pontine watermelon.

Aprilia is actually several parallel towns that intertwine and sometimes merge. Are you ready to discover them all?

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