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Pomezia, a multitude of identities

Pomezia lies on the Pontine Marshes at the foothills of the Alban Hills.

Ancient Lavinium stretched where Pratica di Mare is today. Legend has it that it was founded by the Trojan hero Aeneas, who escaped with his father Anchises and his young son Ascanius from the destruction of his city put to the sword by the Greeks. In reality, present-day Pomezia is the work of the Integrated Reclamation of the Pontine Marshes and the Ager Romanus. Inaugurated on 3 June 1938, it is the fifth “New Town” in chronological order. The urban planning model already tried out for other sister towns was also followed for Pomezia. In 18 months, the garden town was created with housing, services and adequate space to accommodate the settlers and employees, who came from different regions of Italy. Rising as a rural village with an agricultural vocation, from the 1950s it became a lively industrial town, mainly for pharmaceuticals.

A unique custodian of Pomezia's history is the Museo Città di Pomezia Laboratorio del Novecento. A visit to the museum is an opportunity to learn more about the town. Texts, images, films and documents reconstruct and narrate Pomezia's past from the year of its planning to its industrial fortunes. A culturally enriching experience.

But you can only grasp Pomezia as a whole by knowing all its different facets.

Pomezia is not only a "New Town" but also is epic and ancient.
There are several archaeological sites to testify to this. The excavations of the ancient city of Lavinium, linked to the history of Rome and the myth of Aeneas, lead you into the past between myth and legend. All the exhibits that have been arranged in the halls of the Archaeological Museum of Lavinium come from this archaeological site. A visit here is highly recommended. You will find yourself walking among talking statues and 3D reconstructions of environments, objects, ships and scenes of everyday life. All truly impressive. Remains of an ancient Roman villa from the 1st century B.C. are also in Via Siviglia in Torvaianica. Pay us a visit! And finally, the remains of the Sanctuary of Sol Indiges on what is believed to be the landing place of Aeneas, between the military airport of Pratica di Mare and the Torvaianica coastline.

Pomezia is also a town of remembrance.
A town that cherishes its history and entrusts it to museums. Plus it is a town that pays homage to the German fallen with the Germanic Military Cemetery. More than 27,000 German soldiers who lost their lives during World War II following the American landing at Anzio are buried here.

Pomezia is also a natural town.
A city nestled in the heart of the Ager Romanus framed between the Alban Hills and the sea with wide, sandy beaches bordered by fragrant Mediterranean scrub. Come and discover the Sughereta Nature Park, a beautiful corner of nature that gives you glimpses of pre-reclamation beauty. Come walking, jogging or cycling along the trails to discover this reservoir of biodiversity. You will be fascinated.

Pomezia is also a town of sea and entertainment.
If you want to combine a cultural holiday with a beach holiday, Pomezia is the town for you. Just a few kilometres from the archaeological sites, you have 10 kilometres of beach with fine sand and clean sea. Close your eyes and forget about everything: just relaxation, sunbathing and a lot of fun. This seaside destination has always been loved by everyone, and between the 1960s and 1980s, it charmed many show business personalities. It was chosen by Ugo Tognazzi for his summer holidays and by director Sergio Leone for his burial place. Holidays are also the perfect occasion to share moments with family, children and friends. And what better place than the Zoomarine water park? A park where adults and children can have fun together and admire dolphins, seals, sea lions, tropical birds, birds of prey and water birds. All
in an environment rich in Mediterranean vegetation, trees and bushes.

Pomezia is also a town of flavours.
Tastes from both the land and the sea arrive on Pomezia's tables: our white queens, the PDO Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania and PDO Buffalo Ricotta from Campania, the delicious PGI Latina kiwi but also the tasty tellina, a Slow Food praesidium mollusc. An area rich in excellence.

Pomezia has a multitude of identities, but it is the blend of ancient and modern, culture and entertainment, plains and sea, traditions and flavours that is the true meaning of this unique town.

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