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Prossedi, a stroll through the Middle Ages

Prossedi is a small medieval town perched on the Lepini Mountains, overlooking the Amaseno valley.

It was established due to some settlements fleeing from Priverno because of the Saracen invasion, but we only have records of the town from the Middle Ages. In 1125 it was set on fire by the troops of Pope Honorius II to punish some rebellious nobles of southern Latium.
Then it was devastated by the imperial troops of Frederick I Barbarossa and later, in 1165, by those of William I King of Sicily, so-called the Bad. It is marked by a series of changes of ownership from one noble family to another: the Ceccano, the De Cabanis, the Conti, the Chigi,
the De Massimi, the Altieri and finally the Gabrielli.

Prossedi is an extraordinary cultural and natural treasure chest.
It can be seen from afar surrounded by greenery and the imposing Baronial Palace with its four rectangular bastions. Through the Porta con l’Orologio (Gate with the Clock) you enter the historic centre. Here before you is the beauty of the typical medieval village: narrow streets, squares and stone buildings. There are several religious buildings worth a visit: the 17th-century Church of Sant'Agata, the Romanesque Church of San Nicola and the oldest in Prossedi, and the Church of the Strammetta located above a small staircase with two opposing flights of steps. Part of Priverno is the hamlet of Pisterzo, a tiny village of 80 inhabitants, perfectly shaped like a horseshoe. Attractions include the Church of San Michele Arcangelo of ancient origins but rebuilt in the early 20th century, Palazzo Gabrielli and Palazzo del Capitano, both of which are medieval.

Prossedi means walking and nature.
The nearby Lepini Mountains with chestnut, beech, holm-oak and oak forests offer stimulating experiences if you love sport and nature. There are many paths for walking and cycling. Don't miss the excursion among the centuries-old chestnut trees on the Prossedi plateau. The Cammino della Regina Camilla is a route that also crosses Priverno. It is a slow and relaxing walk among a lot of vegetation to discover culture, environment and traditions. For those who
love trekking, just a few kilometres from the village is the splendid Grotta degli Ausi with its spectacular limestone stalactites and stalagmites.

Prossedi is the indulgence of local flavours.
Among the gastronomic delicacies of excellence, a special mention must go to Marzolina (Slow Food Praesidium), a soft, spicy cheese with a very intense flavour, made from the local goat's milk. Not forgetting the PDO Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania and the PDO Buffalo Ricotta from Campania, the PDO Colline Pontine extra virgin olive oil and the delicious PDO Gaeta olives. Genuine delicacies.

Prossedi is a beautiful bygone village.