Privernum archaeological area

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Privernum archaeological area

In the heart of the Amaseno Valley, in an area of about 12 hectares, there is a splendid open-air museum: that of the ancient city Privernum, a Roman colony founded in the 2nd century B.C.

The Archaeological Area contains monuments, buildings and infrastructure that marked the life of the settlement: from its foundation to the time of its abandonment in the transition between the 12th and 13th centuries AD. At precisely that time, the city was moved to the hill that still houses Priverno.

Here you will explore visible vestiges of the imperial age, such as the magnificent remains of the theatre, surrounded by a large porticoed plaza, and the fascinating public bath building constructed after the second century AD. In addition, you will be fascinated by the sumptuous residences from the Republican age, with mosaic floors that still provide an extraordinary view of the past.

Recent excavations have unearthed the valuable early medieval phase of the city, bounded by a solid city wall, and the splendid cathedral dating back to the 6th century. The latter was completely restored in the 9th century, along with a varied sculptural and pictorial apparatus, now on display at the Archaeological Museum of Fossanova.

Come among the signs of times past to discover the secrets of ancient Privernum.