The Lepini Mountains

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An authentic and all-encompassing experience in unspoilt nature is provided by the Lepini Mountains.

The route going to Monte Semprevisa, the Lepini Mountains' tallest peak at an astonishing 1,536 meters, is one that should not be missed. In all honesty, the route is in fact quite challenging. It starts from the Pian della Faggeta. A saddle separates the valley you just crossed from the valley between the Fianco dell'Ardigara and the Fianco della Croce as the path ascends the valley through a beech woodland. Approach the Semprevisa's summit from the saddle to the left. When you reach the summit, the breathtaking panorama of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Agro Pontino will leave you speechless. It is definitely worthwhile if you are an expert hiker.

The route that goes from the Valle di Monteacuto to Monte Gemma is another intriguing one. Take the paved road at Acqua ai Fichi on the right after travelling about three kilometres from the Maenza junction. There are signs indicating Monte Acuto. To go to the Sanctuary of S. Luca, climb the entire valley up to the saddle. From there, a somewhat challenging, entirely upward path starts, following the ridge initially in a northerly and subsequently a north-westerly direction. There is a short part with small, fairly exposed rocks near the top of the last hard rise. Be very careful. Arrive at an iron cross after crossing the sunny slope. From there, ascend another ten or so meters to reach Monte Gemma's peak, which is surrounded to the north by a dense ring of beech trees.

The Lepini Mountains provide a variety of trails worth visiting if you enjoy hiking and the outdoors.

We suggest that you research each route's level of difficulty beforehand so that you can pick the one that is most suited to your skills.