Guidonia Montecelio

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Guidonia Montecelio is both a new and an old town at the same time.

Located on the right side of the lower Aniene River valley, it is one of the youngest New Towns. Inaugurated on 21 October 1937, two years after laying the foundation stone, it was
built around the Barbieri airport to house officers, petty officers and civilian employees working at the large aeronautical studies centre and airport. It is hard to believe it was built in
just 425 days. It was built by the architect Alberto Calza Bini, with the help of Giorgio Calza Bini, Gino Cancellotti and Giuseppe Nicolosi. The same town-planning scheme as the previous New Towns was also adopted for Guidonia Montecelio: the orthogonal layout of streets, the town square dominated by the Torre Littoria and, quite distinct from this, the religious centre. What distinguishes Guidonia Montecelio is both the fact that the buildings are not seen as isolated objects in the environment but as containers and definers of spaces that follow the street lines; and the fact that the old streets mark the boundary of the town, also identifying the ideal size of the town itself. It is as if the past embraces the new “town of flight”.

An embrace that is repeated in history and its architectural heritage.
The town has a much more ancient history that goes back no less than 6,000 years. Its origins lie in the area of the present-day town of Montecelio. It is here that you can admire the most prestigious monuments. And it is here that modern history unites with the past: the Romans built agricultural and residential villas, which in the Middle Ages were used to build towers and strongholds. The Medieval fortress was erected on ancient ruins, using materials and incorporating a Roman temple from the 1st century B.C. into its structures. Here you can travel between the 15th century with the Church of San Lorenzo Martire, the 17th century with the Palazzo del Principe, and the 18th century with the Church of San Michele Arcangelo and the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista. A historical and architectural embrace that you will also find in the Inviolata Regional Natural Archaeological Park with the remains of ancient villas, mausoleums, ancient medieval farmhouses and Roman roads.

An embrace that is reflected in nature.
The landscape appears as a fusion of forms, in a harmonious contrast from the limestone reliefs of the Corniolani Mountains to the lush Roman countryside, enclosing the famous Albule sulphur springs. A close embrace that is also confirmed in the economic soul of this territory with travertine quarries and vast olive groves.

An embrace that is also enjoyed during leisure time.
The lush Roman countryside, the Marco Simone castle restored by fashion designer Laura Biagiotti and enchanting sunsets squeeze into the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. Fashion, golf and entertainment take the stage in this splendid setting. For golf lovers, the Club is also a unique opportunity to play on the course that will host the 2023 Ryder Cup.

The most heartfelt embrace is surely that of flavours... have you ever tried Acque Albule asparagus? The Sabina PDO Extra-Virgin Olive Oil? And Frascarelli? True delicacies.

Guidonia Montecelio is flavours, roots, history, places and landscapes all wrapped into one.