Guardia di Finanza (Italian Financial Police) Aviation Museum

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Guardia di Finanza (Italian Financial Police) Aviation Museum

The Guardia di Finanza (Italian Financial Police) Aviation Museum is located in the Airport of Pratica di Mare area in Pomezia. Here you can immerse yourself in the wonderful history of aviation and the air, land and naval assets used by the Italian Financial Police corps.

It was opened in 1995 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of establishing the Guardia di Finanza Air Service, and has since become an extraordinary place to discover the secrets and milestones in the evolution of Guardia di Finanza aviation.

A visit here is like a journey back in time: it ranges from the first aerial observation missions in the 1940s to modern operations to combat financial crime.

The exhibits are divided into four sections, each one more fascinating than the last.

The history of the Guardia di Finanza Air Service section is told through documents, uniforms, memorabilia and photographs that bring to life the crucial moments of the aviation of the Guardia di Finanza (Financial Police)

The section devoted to aircraft will amaze you with a vast collection of aircraft, some of which date back to historic eras, while others represent the technological vanguard of today.

You will also have the opportunity to explore the section devoted to the land and naval vehicles used by the Guardia di Finanza, all linked to the exciting section on the operational activities of the Air Service.

But you won't just see exhibits. Thanks to the presence of interactive multimedia, you will have immersive experiences that will introduce you to the secrets of flight and aeronautical technology. And that's not the end of it: you will find a room with introductory films and, most importantly, you will have the opportunity to try a flight simulator. A truly unique experience.