Escarole and Bean Soup

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Escarole and bean soup is a typical Sabaudia recipe handed down from generation to generation.

Thanks to the combination of its ingredients, which include tender escarole, creamy beans, fragrant garlic, and lard, the recipe is simple but full of flavour. This soup is the perfect dish to warm up on a cold evening. Are you ready to prepare it? Grab your apron and follow our recipe.



Escarole, beans, extra virgin olive oil, celery, garlic, lard, black pepper, slices of bread



Soak the beans. Then boil them with garlic and celery. 

Clean and wash the escarole and then fry it in extra virgin olive oil together with chopped garlic and lard.

Add the boiled beans, season and simmer for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, cut the bread slices into cubes. Heat some extra virgin olive oil and fry the bread cubes for a few minutes, until they have taken on a nice golden colour.

Serve the soup together with the small fried bread croutons.

Sprinkle freshly ground black pepper and drizzle a little unrefined oil over the servings.

Grab your spoon and enjoy the best escarole and bean soup you have ever tasted.