The "Don Celestino Piccolini" Municipal Antiquarium

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The "Don Celestino Piccolini" Municipal Antiquarium is a remarkable museum that is housed in the old oratory's ancient building and overlooks Guidonia Montecelio's beautiful main square. The best location for archaeology enthusiasts.

Here, starting with prehistory, you will find thorough evidence of the cultures that have coexisted over the ages. The typology of the Roman villa is given particular focus, and both the rustic and domestic features are explored using materials and items with significant historical importance.

The collections contain a wide variety of household items used in daily life at the time, as well as wall hangings, ornaments, and sculptures from the entire imperial era.

Most of the artefacts were discovered during excavations near the Tenuta del Cavaliere (Knight's Estate). Inside a home there, three exceptional artefacts were found: a rare copy of Lysippus' seductively seated juvenile Dionysus, a painting of a kid from the late second and early third century who was portrayed as Hercules, a draped female figure, and finally.

Additionally, you will discover priceless ceramic decorations and artefacts from the Montecelio-based archaic protohistoric centre of Corniculum. You may immerse yourself in history and learn about the region's rich cultural heritage thanks to these treasures.

Our staff will be pleased to accompany you on this historical journey, sharing insights and oddities that will enhance your experience and leave you with lasting memories.