Colline Pontine extra virgin olive oil PDO

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Olives intended for the production of Colline Pontine extra virgin olive oil PDO must be produced in specific municipalities in the province of Latina. Also included among them are: Aprilia, Latina, Maenza, Priverno, Prossedi. The olives used must be of the Itrana varieties from 50% to 100%, Frantoio and Leccino up to 50%.

There is evidence of olive groves harking back as far back as the 18th century: the Papal State granted a premium of 10 scudi for every 100 olive trees planted; in 1786 as many as 48,901 hectares of land were cultivated.

The resulting oil has a colour ranging from deep green to yellow with golden highlights. It has a medium to intense fruity aroma of green olive, with an almond aftertaste and a typical fragrant herbaceous note. The typical aroma is of green tomato.

It is at its best raw, on fish dishes and typical products of the Pontine area such as buffalo mozzarella, and in the recipes of Pontine cuisine the Bazzoffia (rich broth-based vegetable soup) sometimes known as the soup of love.