Coastal towers at sunset

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The view of the sunset over the sea is something enchanting but becomes even more fascinating if the scenery is enhanced by the coastal towers.

The impressive watchtowers, Torre Astura, Torre Foce Verde, the ruins of the Torre di Rio Martino and Torre Paola, which have withstood the test of time and played an important role in protecting the coast from invaders throughout history, are now a popular tourist attraction. They offer a splendid lookout point for watching the sun disappear into the Tyrrhenian Sea. When the sky turns a fiery orange, the towers themselves stand out in the background, creating an unforgettable scene. The view here is magical at any time of day, but as the sun sets, the effects of colour create a truly romantic atmosphere.

The coastal towers at sunset are sure to leave you speechless whether you are a photography enthusiast, a history fan or simply a lover of breathtaking views.

Grab your camera, head to the coast and let yourself be enchanted.