The "ciammella all'acqua" (Water ring cake)

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The "ciammella all'acqua" (Water ring cake)

In Maenza on the occasion of the feast of San Rocco, on the 16th of August, the citizens of Maenza prepare the water ciammelle (ciambelle) ring cakes. A simple dessert with a unique flavour. So good and so easy to prepare. You just have to have a little bit of patience before biting into them: they must dry a whole day between boiling in water and cooking in the oven.



Flour, sugar, water, extra virgin olive oil



Blend together the flour, sugar, water and extra virgin olive oil.

Then divide the dough that you have obtained into pieces of approximately 180 grams and mould them into small loaves, closing them at the ends, giving them the shape of doughnuts.

Then boil them in water for about 8 minutes.

Let them dry for 24 hours on cotton sheets.

After this time, bake them in the oven for 1 hour at 200°C until they become light brown in colour.

Finally the ciammelle all’acqua (water ring cakes) are ready but we know good things are worth waiting for.