Ciambelle col gelo (frosted doughnuts)

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Ciambelle col gelo (frosted doughnuts)

Ciambelle col gelo are typical sweets found in pastry shops and bakeries in Maenza.

The Maentini have been preparing them for over thirty years and call them ciambelle cu gliu’ gelo in dialect.

They are really delicious and handmade according to an ancient recipe that calls for a few simple ingredients: 00-type flour, oil, sugar, eggs and water.

Are you interested to know how? Once the dough has been prepared, the doughnuts are cut into shapes and baked in the oven for a few minutes. After baking, the hot sugar syrup is poured over them. When they cool, the syrup turns into a white icing: the so-called frosting.

So good and simple that you can make them at home.