Cherries of Maenza

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Cherries of Maenza

The cherries of Maenza are real gems that grow in picturesque Maenza. Here you can find different varieties of cherries, each with its own unique and irresistible flavour.

Prumoteche cherries are the earliest cherries, and while they may not be the tastiest, they are certainly the most popular because they are the first to ripen. A real glimpse of the sweet season.

If you are looking for a cherry with an explosion of flavour, then you absolutely must try Patrei cherries. They are juicy, sweet and represent the quintessential cherry. A real treat for the palate.

Toste cherries and Cirase noci cherries, on the other hand, are known for their harder texture and generous size. They are cherries that will satisfy you with every bite, giving you an unforgettable taste experience.

What about Marascoli, or visciole sour cherries, a particular variety of cherry? The women of Maenza use them to create a uniquely flavoured jam that is really worth trying.

Did you know that cherries have a deep history that is intertwined with the economic life of the country? In the past, proceeds from the cherry harvest were used to buy girls' dowries, an ancient tradition that helped make this fruit even more special.

If you come to the Cherry Festival in June, you can discover the magic of this fruit and immerse yourself in the history and culture of this enchanting town.