Castello Vecchio (Old Castle)

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The 13th-century Castello of Colleferro is a real gem simply waiting for you to discover it. It welcomes you with its enigmatic aura while being surrounded by amazing scenery.

The historical background of the castle is not well documented in the archives. An arbitration decision from 1318 reveals that the Conti family was initially given the right to the castle. The Salviati and Doria Pamphili were its first owners in the succeeding centuries. After the war, the latter sold it to the Sbolgi family.

The castle served as a defensive structure in the Sacco Valley in the fifteenth century, guarding Artena and Valmontone. During the conflict with Pope Eugene IV in 1431, which was also supported by the Conti family, it was substantially demolished by the soldiers of the mercenary captain Giacomo Caldora, who had been dispatched by Queen of Naples Giovanna II of Anjou-Durazzo.

 The Castle progressively lost its military significance in the years that followed, beginning in the 17th century and transformed into a country residence connected to the estate's agricultural output. This is also apparent from the complex's layout, where the buildings are arranged around a central courtyard and appear like "bodies" unrelated to the complex's original military purpose.

A trip offers the chance to not only view old medieval structures but also to take beautiful pictures.