Castello Baronale (Baronial Castle)

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The Baronial Castle in Maenza is a stone and splendour manifestation of history. The town's crown jewel dominates the historic district and draws attention from a distance with its majestic architecture.

It was owned by various prominent local families over the years, including the Conti, Ceccano, Caetani, Borgia, Aldobrandini, Antonelli, and Pecci.

When Thomas Aquinas fell poorly in 1274 while travelling to Lyons for the Ecumenical Council, he stopped in the Baronial Castle as a guest of his niece. He then requested to be taken to Fossanova, where he tragically passed away suddenly.

The Castle was initially constructed as a watchtower at the end of the 12th century, but over time it underwent changes that made it a Renaissance court instead of a protective home. Frescoes and ornaments were used to adorn and decorate the inside. Two square and semi-cylindrical reinforcement towers, which are still in fine condition, were added to the four-story central body of the castle to increase its size, and a square battlement was added to the castle's summit. Cannon embrasures were made as the walls grew thicker. On the third story, which also housed the reception hall, the nobles made themselves at home.

The Castle is now prepared to welcome you within, presenting its intriguing past and allowing you to take part in a history that still echoes inside its walls.