Cambellotti Museum

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If you are visiting Latina for the first time and want to capture the soul of the city, pay a visit to the Cambellotti Museum. It is located in the former Opera Balilla building, designed by the architect Oriolo Frezzotti in 1932.

The museum was founded in 2005 and celebrates the history of the redemption of Agro Pontino and the birth of the city, as well as the exceptional artist and craftsman Duilio Cambellotti, considered among the most important of the 20th century.

Here you can contemplate the extraordinary works of the multifaceted Cambellotti organised in thematic itineraries, showing half a century of his artistic activity through drawings, temperas, woodcuts, ceramics, illustrated volumes, medals, posters and documents. You are immersed in the city's history as you admire his masterpieces.

The museum tells a fascinating story yet to be discovered.

It is equipped with an educational laboratory, multimedia rooms, a library and specialised workshops, and also hosts interesting temporary exhibitions, book presentations, wine and food activities and live performances.

It offers an all-round immersive experience.