Caciatella of Maenza

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The Caciatella of Maenza is a delicious pastry product made with ricotta cheese flavoured with sambuca and cinnamon.

It is traditionally prepared at Easter time, but it is so good that you can enjoy it all year round.
It is a simple farmer's recipe.
In the past, near Easter, women would polish copper utensils with lemon and sand in order to prepare the delicious Caciatelle.

You really must try it when you are in Maenza. Once you have tried it, you will definitely want the recipe.
So here it is. It is very simple: prepare a sheet of savoury egg pasta and roll it out by hand, then line a round baking tin of about 25 cm.

Fill with a mixture of ricotta cheese, sugar, whole eggs, sambuca and cinnamon. Close with strips of puff pastry, like a tart. Bake at 280°C for 30 minutes.

The Caciatella is ready.